I'm who your dog would call.



"I really don’t know what we would do without Angela! We met her after bringing home 2 puppies and she helped us so much in those initial months – from watching the dogs to helping me understand their behavior and what they needed. Now that they are just over a year old, I give her credit for how well behaved and social they are and for what a good experience having them has been for us. She has them in her dog walk groups and when she comes each day, they are so excited I can hardly get their leashes on. When she stays overnight with them, I’m not sure they even care or notice that we’re gone – I couldn’t recommend her highly enough and I’m sure our dogs feel the same way!"

-Christine, Amelia & Hobbs


"It is hard to overstate how much we trust Angela with Hobbs and Amelia. We, like all pet owners, love our little dogs so much, but they need exercise, more than our schedules allow. Angela gives them that and in a loving and caring way. They socialize with other dogs, a huge positive as when we walk them they are very good with others. They come home exhausted and very happy from their time with Angela and their other friends. Angela doesn’t just walk dogs, she exercises them and they become better at walking and going off leash as a result. Her impact has been huge with our dogs. We are now able to take the most challenging of dogs (hounds) off leash in select places as they have “learned” about staying in the “pack” with Angela. Importantly, they LOVE her. She is part of their “pack” and they go nuts when they see her. I don’t know where we would be without her. Your dog(s) could not be in better, more capable or move loving hands then Angela. She knows them all very well and takes the time to speak with us, when necessary, or listen should one be a bit sick or need anything special. We adore Angela."

-Shawn, Amelia & Hobbs


"We have a hard time finding pet care options for our pooch, since she does not get along with other animals and there are tons of off-leash pets everywhere in this city. For the first time in years, we can totally relax on vacations! Angela is accessible, reliable and most importantly - has dog smarts! It's so important to have a petsitter who you can count on to handle your dog with confidence and come home to a dog who is equally or better behaved than when you left her. We love    Angela!!"         

-Laura and Penny  


"Angela is a delight to work with. And our dog Jones adores her--he nearly knocks her down with an enthusiastic hello whenever he sees her! I think that's the most honest endorsement one could offer."                                                                                                               

-Frances and Jones


"We (my husband, our two Jacks and I) are so happy that All About Paws is the organization we can go to when we need pup sitting! Angela has been great. She understands our needs and is always willing and able to accommodate us. We’ve always felt confident that Ace and Tucker are well cared for – even when we’ve been out of state for a week or two. The Fellas are always thrilled to see her and give her the “yip routine” – a very loud welcome!!"

-Georgiane, Ace & Tucker   


 "Angela has been the greatest! I am a very protective mom of two doggies; Sophie & Bruno and was very concerned about leaving their care and well-being in someone else's hands. From the minute Angela came over to our house to meet with us I knew that I had found the perfect fit. She is incredibly responsible, loving and attentive to both my doggies and they both adore her. She always leaves me a note about how they did on their walk and where they went. Angela has also house/pet sat for us and I felt 100% comfortable and at ease that she would take excellent care of them. I also really appreciate her flexibility with me calling her last walks if I get stuck at work. Sophie and Bruno love Angela because she " gives us lots of kisses, scratches our bellies and always makes us feel special."

-Jennifer, Sophie & Bruno 


"Angela has been taking care of my dog Luca for over a year. I truly believe Luca is a friendly, happy and healthy dog because of Angela and her care and attention to him over the past year. Family and friends, and even strangers on the street, always comment on Luca’s great personality…this can be directly attributed to Angela. In the year that Angela has taken care of Luca, she has made me a better care giver. Angela is honest, hard working and most of all, a caring person. She loves her job and that is why she is great at what she does!"


Angela has taken care of my dog Luca for over two years and Luca loves her. Every time she comes to pick him up for a dog walk he gets all excited. Angela is truly a leader when it comes to the care and protection of animals. From her providing information on tainted animal products, to help for dogs, she really cares for our animals. When it comes to flexibility, Angela is great. I have often had to go on last minute business trips and Angela has been willing to accommodate Luca's walking/care schedule. Finally, I know that Luca is in safe hands when he is with Angela and that makes me feel great.

-Lia and Luca


At 10 am sharp every morning our puppy cavalier, Maria, sits earnestly by the door waiting for Angela Gardner and her crew of assorted breeds barking eager calls from Angela's Van. Maria is our first puppy, but in many ways she really is our third and youngest daughter. After employing Angela's service for nearly a year, we know she provides Maria with the loving care and understanding we do at home. Angela's daily walks are fun but also are well structured to afford Maria the healthy exercise and social exposure she needs, otherwise deprived by our working schedules. We are pleased that each dog in her crew must conform to healthy standards of training, hygiene and docile inclination, averting any threat to Maria's well-being.
Angela has boarded Maria during our Vacations, sometimes for as many as two weeks. While we miss our puppy during those absences, it is comforting to know she is in expert and caring hands. Maria's excited tail-wagging at Angela's sight, reassures us she is happy and comfortable, and so are we when we leave her in Angela's care.

            - Linda and Maria       


Angela was great with my dog and best friend, LuLu. One of LuLu's favorite times of her day was getting to go to the beach with Angela and the other fun dogs she walks. I would highly recommend her if you're looking for a dog walker who's professional, caring, and very good with our babies!

-Lulu and Jayme